Adventures in Awakening

Adventures in Awakening


"I love this book! If you thought that eating clean was going to be too difficult, get this book. It makes it simple and delicious! And fun!! Thank-you Traysiah and Thomas!

- Debra Poneman, Bestselling Author, Founder of "Yes To Success"

Global Book Award Winner! 

6 Simple Steps & 100 Easy Recipes

To Joyfully Transition to a

Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle

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Have you been curious about exploring a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, but you’re not sure how to get started?

Clean Green Eating breaks it down into 6 simple steps and easy recipes, for you to have the greatest success and fun in discovering what works best for you.

Clean Green Eating is all about exploring how to feel good with food. By eating fresh, whole, conscious food, that truly nourishes our body and soul, we naturally feel vibrantly alive and healthy.

Come along on a grand delicious adventure, a daring kitchen expedition, of discovering the foods that tickle your taste buds and put a bounce in your step.

All of our 100 delicious recipes are whole, plant-based, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, low carb, &


Let’s get started on our epic journey to explore -

plant-based to feel great!

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"Finally! A great guide on transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. The book provides easy to follow steps and user friendly recipes. I’m a registered dietitian and will recommend this book to anyoneinterested in learning more about eating clean and green.”

- Amy Jo Bakken, RD (Registered Dietician)

"This wasn't just good tasting food - something in my body woke up, sat up, and paid attention.

So this is real folks: your food can do more and your body is ready for it."

- Ina Zing, Author, 'Plant Eater Project' Blog

"Samantha Young's story - Clean Green Healing -  is a pure inspiration for those of us 

wanting to find another way to beat back cancer."

- Scott Craig, San Diego, CA

Clean Green Healing

Book by 

Traysiah Spring

In 1999, Samantha Young, was on her death bed with stage four Pancreatic Cancer. She had a 10cm malignant tumor on her pancreas and the doctors could do nothing to help her and gave her only three months to live.

This is the compelling true story of how she came back from the edge of death, without any western medical intervention.

She discovered a completely natural way that helped her body to heal itself - through Clean Green Healing.

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"Great inspirational Book - I loved the read. It was easy, relatable and straight forward.

The information included in the book was very educative.

I loved the passion and facts that the author included in her analyses."

- Jacent M. Mpalyenkana, PhD

Deep Delta is the main soundtrack that we use with our guided meditations, because of its profound effect of naturally calming and relaxing our whole mind/body system.

We highly recommend any of Leigh Spusta's Sound Creations. He is a gifted musical artist.

Deep Delta

This deeply immersive track has been developed by internationally recognized Brainwave Audio Expert Leigh Spusta to assist in promoting delta waves in the brain.

This is one of our most potent and blissful recordings to date, a wonderful 40 minute journey that has you feeling like your floating on clouds, moving deeper and deeper into serenity and complete relaxation.

Deep Delta

Available at Psimatix

Complete Catolog of Leigh Spusta's Music