Adventures in Awakening

Adventures in Awakening


“Our refined physiologies and sharpened perception,

allow direct cognition of the Self (Soul).”

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s teachings

As we become more conscious of the fact that we are Souls or Spirit Beings, that are part of a singular Unified field of Oneness, and that we are here for learning, growth and awakening, then our attention naturally turns towards exploring ways to enhance this evolutionary experience.

OmLife – is a system of four practical, down-to-earth steps, that have the single purpose of helping to open, activate and accelerate our awakening process. It utilizes impactful and effective daily practices, tools, and techniques, that we can use every day to help us on our journey of waking up to who we really are.

If we are here to wake up and remember that we are energy Beings first, then, let’s ‘get to it and do it’ with clarity, joy, and focus.

4 Practical Steps 

Step One - Soul Living

Practice OmLife Daily Routine, for the purpose of creating an ideal inner environment for us to awaken and thrive. Through practical and impactful daily practices, that refine and nourish our nervous system, we can more clearly experience the subtle Soul level of our self, and therefore, feel more balanced, peaceful, connected, and vital in our life.

Step Two - Soul Aware

Practice becoming more conscious of our Soul-Self, and to look at the world from the highest level, for the purpose of living more from the expanded, heart-ful and joyful level of our Soul.

Step Three - Soul Empower

Practice using OmLife Tools & Techniques, to empower our self with practical ways to handle challenging and day to day situations. The purpose of this, is to live joyfully and fearlessly, no matter what is going on around us.

Step Four - Soul Success

Practice “Living from Giving” and offering our unique Soul Gifts in selfless-service to the world. This can bring a profound sense of fulfillment, upliftment and purpose to our life.